5 New gadgets to look for in 2012

 Most of the gadgets the previous year showed that the digital industry has improved greatly from mobility and transportation to entertainment and communication.For 2012, a lot more new devices will emerge. The list below of five items is the likely best buys of the new year.


An impressive 18-inch notebook co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, this device is powered by Genuine Windows 7, new Intel Core processor and ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity.

One of its amazing features is the SonicMaster technology, a suite of hardware and software collaborated with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. The notebook is equipped with best and up-to-date Codec and amplifier. The resonance chambers is oversized 10 times than standard notebooks and delivers wider sonic ranger, louder volume and deeper bass.
The visuals also of this notebook is stunning since it is equipped with full hi-definition 1080p 18.4-inch widescreen LED backlit display combined with NVIDIA GeForce that will deliver crisp, detailed and richer coloured images. It also features a slot-in Blu-Ray combo or DVD Super Multi Drive for high quality movie viewing.


This kind of television may be insane because of its awesome features that will welcome 2012. The Toshiba CellTV has the same processor type similarly used in Sony PS3, the manufacturer claims the TV operates 10 times faster than an Intel Core Duo chip found in desktop and the unit share a lot of abilities with a high powered PC.

It has a hard drive, wireless capability, ripping of media files from DVDs and streaming via Digital Media Server. So far, the CellTV is for the waiting, Toshiba gave teasers about this new television which shows a different kind of world in digital entertainment.

The unit itself can convert any movie in 2D format into 3D without the use of glasses. The unit supports numerous 3D formats like MPEG4-AVC, RealD and more


For people who are fond of lifetime data connection, digital innovations, news, magazines and everything in between, this e-Reader is the device to welcome in 2012.

The Que E-Reader is built using plastic electronics technology. The form factor is sleek, lightweight and sure easy to read. Its touchscreen-based interface is stunning and user-friendly.

The Plastic Logic will be offering a million titles including a rich collection of reading materials especially geared for the business professional. New content partnerships with some leading business and publishers include The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Huffington Post, The Sporting News Today alongside with Barron's, Fast Company and Forbes.

The device enables newspapers, magazines and other types of content to have richer reading experiences with complete images and formatting. User can also save their documents inside the reader rather to print them. The Que E-Reader can access PDF, MS Office documents and EPub as well.


For those who want to add more in multimedia use or maximise film capturing, Panasonic is ready with its 3D capturing camcorder. Panasonic AG-3DA1 is fully integrated FULL HD 3D Camcorder that records to SD card media. This camcorder has 3D production which gives professional videographers a more affordable, flexible, reliable and easier-to-use tool. It is equipped with dual lenses and two full 1920x1080 2.07 MP imagers that can record up to 180 minutes on dual 32GB SD cards.

The camcorder is easier to use for its dual lenses which automatically corrects horizontal and vertical displacement. It is flexible as well on more challenging shooting environment through the use of the SD card as storage since it has higher reliability than tapes, disc and similar storage devices. The camcorder is also tough against extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration.


Most electronic devices won't survive submersion, but this video camera can record underwater. The KODAK PlaySport can be plunged up to 10 feet underwater and record it all in full 1080p HD. It is insanely tough, dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to 10 feet.

When it comes to recording, the PlaySport has an image stabiliser which will fix the shaky effect. It has 5MP lens and formats the video/pictures into 16:9 HD. It has LCD Glare Shield which helps display viewing outdoors.

After shooting, the film can be shared through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with ease since these applications have built-in software in PlaySport. For longer video moments storage capacity can be expanded up to 32GB which records up to 10 hours of HD video. The videos come right out directly via HDMI cable to the big screen. Errors can be edited and narration could be added to the video by using the video editing software included in the package.


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