5 ways to overcome your Facebook addiction

Have you just updated your Facebook profile? Are you now following someone on Twitter? As you walk to class, are you thinking of the next person that you can 'Facebook stalk'? Let's be honest, lot's of us are addicted to social networking sites and we don't even know that we are. If you think that you are addicted to social networking sites -- and it's affecting your school work and grades -- it's time that you beat your addiction.

1. Admit it. Ok, this sounds cliched, but, if you don't think that you have a problem with social networking sites, you aren't going to want to fix it! You need to sit down with yourself and honestly evaluate your social networking.
2. How much time do you actually spend on each site? It helps to start to monitor how much time you spend on social networking sites. You may think that you only go on Facebook a couple of times a day.

When you start to write down when (and how long) you spend on these sites, you will definitely be surprised.

Once you start to notice how much time you actually spend on these sites, you may be surprised to find that you spend a lot more time than you think.

3. Visit your sites at a certain time of the day. Start to decide when you want to visit your sites. You need to realise that spending time on social networking sites is not a bad thing. You just need to limit how much you are going to spend on them.

Think of it this way, the less time that you spend on the social networking sites, the more things that you will be able to see (and be updated on) the next time you log in.

4. Turn off e-mail notifications. As cool as you might feel getting e-mail notifications about Facebook and Twitter, it's usually not good to your studies.

We fret and agonies over what the message that Bob sent via Facebook. If it is extremely important, your friend will find a way to get a hold of you.

5. Get off the computer. As much fun as it is to play Farm ville, you have to get off the computer. Take a break from it. Find other hobbies and activities to do. If you really want to catch up with a friend, invite them to go grab lunch.

Admitting that you have a social networking addiction is hard. You can do it.


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