Windows XP Gaining Its Superiority over Windows 7

Can you believe that a product which lost it's existence is retaining it's position. User's most favorite OS Windows XP is fighting for it's existence from the past year. After Windows 7 came to power it showed decrease in the Windows XP market share.As per the data generated by NetApplications few days back, 47.19 percent of users use Windows XP which scaled from 46.5 percent in December.

As we know that whenever a new product enters the market, people try all the new stuff and finally lose their interest in the older ones.People say, the way they have experienced Windows XP, its demand would rarely drop. On the other hand, Microsoft has already announced the termination of support and services for Windows XP by April 2014 after which no security updates and patches would be available to the end users.

Microsoft has even asked companies using Windows XP to quickly plan their move to Windows 7. This shows how appealing Windows 7 is.The current version of Windows has seen a rise in users from 23 percent in the previous year to 36 percent in the current year. Of course, if new laptops and desktops come pre-loaded with Windows 7, users have to zip their lips as the device manufacturers don’t supply drivers for Windows XP.

 At the end of the race, Windows gains the top most level with an overall share of 92 percent where as Apple’s Mac OS X holds only 6.39 percent of OS users.


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