Tips for writing Blog Post

Now-a-day so many are passionate towards bloging i want to share few things for writing perfect blog post form my blogging Experience
1.Pick the Perfect Title
Post Title is most important thing for blog posting,it should in a simple such that viewers can easily search it.Before picking title to your post remember few things
-->Your post title should represent entire post information.
-->Post Title should be in a simple language easy to understand by viwers.
-->More tricky way is keeping post title funny,controversial while keeping the core thing  clear
2.Make the post content clear
 Post will be in a simple manner and as short as possible,the perfect blog post will let readers know what they are about to enjoy right away.Generally internet users have notoriously short attention spans so start with  introduction paragraph.write your article in few points in attractive way with spelling mistakes.

few tips to remember while writing blog post
-->Try to write the post in the simple language,better don't use any shortcuts.
-->Try to maintain your different way of writing post(IMP)
-->Make a List:-Easy formatting trick is to organise your post as list using bullet points .
-->Use picture or video:-Representing the concept of your post in the form of pictures or by any video.
3.Concluding the post
Concluding your post is also very important,Conclude the post by writing ur opinion on that particular post and ending should be in a way that viewers to give suggestions or ask any query .

This are the few thing I learnt in this  three months of my blogging experience,Do u have any suggestions or any other tips feel free to comment it


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