7 Unknown yet Useful Facebook features

These little known Facebook features will take your social networking addiction to the next level

We're all Facebook pros. With the average user spending 8 hours per month on the insanely addictive social network, it's no surprise we're quick to pick up Facebook's incessant changes and updates.

In the mess of Facebook's perpetual construction zone, you might have missed some hidden, key features that make using the service that much easier. Most of these tricks were gathered over time, and have now become a part of my regular Facebook routine.

Sign in with your username (unique URL)
Instead of typing out your entire e-mail address each time you sign in, use your username (the one that leads people to your profile, like facebook.com/sharonvak) instead. Even if your info is auto-filled, this trick will save a hassle when you're prompted to sign in on your mobile device or public computers.

Remove events without declining
One day it was there, and the next, it was gone. For the longest time, Facebook offered a "Remove from events" link at the bottom of every event page, so that you could delete the event from your invites without rudely declining.
Now, that option is hidden. To remove an event without declining, find your name in the guest list (left), hover over it, and click the x. Click Okay to confirm. The organizer won't be notified of your action.

Use the Favorites list
use of the favorites list
Facebook has a little-known feature that lets you bookmark your favorite apps, pages, and groups from the home page. It's the list on the left of the News Feed, just below your profile picture.

Rearrange your Timeline modules
The four boxes below your cover photo can customized to your liking. Click the arrow with the number (on the right) to expand all your apps. Then, hover over a box, click the pencil, and you'll see an option to swap the box with something else, or remove it entirely.

Hover over photo thumbnails to zoom
This feature isn't built in to Facebook, but after months of using it, it sure feels like it. Facebook Photo Zoom, a free browser extension, enlarges thumbnails and photos when you mouse over them. It's super useful when browsing through the News Feed and you want to see what a photo looks like without clicking the thumbnail and prompting a new page.

Click here for Chrome Extension and Click here for a similar one for Firefox.

Prevent tagged posts from automatically displaying on your Timeline
Friends. They mean well, but sometimes cross the line when tagging you in a post or photo you'd rather not make public to your friend list. Thankfully, Facebook gives you the option to approve tagged posts before they go live on your Timeline and in the News Feed for all your friends and family to see.
Go to Account > Privacy Settings and select Edit settings next to "How tags work." Then hit Edit next to Profile Review and you'll be prompted to turn on the settings. Now, every time someone tags you in a status, photo, or place, you'll receive a notification and will be asked to approve the tag.

Check your Other messages
You might have hundreds of unread messages that Facebook has filed in your Other inbox.
The main Messages folder you usually check contains "messages from your friends and their friends. All other messages will go into an Other folder where you can look at them separately," according to Facebook. This Other folder isn't visible until you view your main Messages folder, and Facebook doesn't send you a notification when a new message arrives in this folder.

Just how can you get to this folder, you ask? When you are viewing the main Messages folder, a new item, Other, gets added to the left-hand panel. This Other folder contains messages from nonfriends, which in my case looks like messages from pages I've liked and friends from whom I've unsubscribed.

Thankfully, there are a couple of settings to redirect incoming messages. You can move messages from the Other folder to the main Messages folder, and you can also do the reverse and, say, demote an overly talkative and inane friend's messages to the Other folder. Just open a message and click the Actions button from the top and choose the bottom menu option, which will be Move to Messages or Move to Other, depending on which folder you are viewing. All subsequent messages from that source will follow suit


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