Apple's App Store breaks the 25 billion downloads mark

Apple has recently registered it's Appstore to the 25 blillion downloads list. The Apple Appstore download counter shows that Apple has now served it's download mechanism to provide access to 25 billion app downloads since the service was started.

Apple has announced that there has been 25 billion downloads from the App Store to date. The countdown to 25,000,000,000 apps began on February 17th when Apple said it would give away a $10K gift card to the person who downloaded the app — or filed a claim in its non-purchase form -- that broke the record .
Apple has run similar promotions like this in the past, celebrating 10 billion App Store downloads a year ago and 10 billion iTunes Music Store downloads in 2010. There have also been markers at the 1B song and 100M song milestones.

From a development standpoint, the 550,000 iOS apps have generated an average of 45,000 downloads each, although the figures will be skewed by the most popular apps like Angry Birds, Facebook, eBay, Twitter and others, which have done tens or even hundreds of millions of iOS downloads.


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