Free Intelligent Shutdown v3.0.3 for PC's

Intelligent Shutdown, this multi functional tool performs smart shutdown, restart, hibernate, or closing and launching of programs on a scheduled time.
People often leave their PCs unattended, often throughout the night, while downloading from the Internet, copying large files or performing some time-intensive calculation. Intelligent Shutdown lets you schedule your PC to log-off, standby, hibernate or shutdown upon completion of its task(s).

Intelligent Shutdown monitors your PC for specific conditions (e.g. processor load, network access, completion of a specified process/program, or time). When the conditions are met, Intelligent Shutdown performs the scheduled action. Then instead of unnecessarily consuming power, your PC remains inactive - potentially extending its lifespan.

                                                                                         Click here to download Intelligent shutdown. 


Free Download Intelligent Shutdown 3.2.4 is a hihglited software to make the fiox time to shutdown.........

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