How to merge partitions of hard disk in windows7/Vista to extend volume

Merging of two or more partitions is quite simple as partitioning Hard disk in windows7 which i mention in my previous post.
The procedure will goes on like this:-
The first three steps are common for both partitioning and merging
Step1:-Goto "start" button and Right click on"computer" then you will navigate to options click "Manage"

step2:-A new window will appear with name "Computer management" click on "storage" in that window  and then go to "Disk Management".

After clicking Storage will give the your disk space in computer.
Step3:-Select the partition Which you want to merge right click on it and select "Delete Volume...",before doing this backup the content in that drive

Step4:-Then Deleted volume becomes unallocated space,right click on the partition left to it(here it is 'C') and select "Extend Volume..."

Step3:-Extend Volume Wizard will be opened press next,then select amount of space you want to merge Or keep the same value if you want to merge total volume of partition.

Thus you can successfully merge the partition,this proces works for all windows 7 favours and Feel free to post ur valuable comments or any suggestions


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