why this "welcome to nginx!".........?

Here are the few solutions to get rid of the Welcome to nginx! problem.
When i tried to open google i got page with single line "Welcome to nginx".From than onwards i started search for solution to overcome this error and atlast I got few solutions, nginx is among the 3 most popular web servers in the world, it's being used by over 10% of the Internet web sites, including 25% of the top-1000 ones. It is a free open source server software, focused on high performance and high concurrency, and it's absolutely legitimate and has nothing to do with any kind of threatening or malicious activity per second. A web page saying “Welcome to nginx!” is one of the diagnostics responses that can be produced by any of the web sites running nginx.

However, you are right in your assumption that something must be wrong with your browser, operating system or even router setup when you are trying to access a well known web site and instead of a familiar page you get “Welcome to nginx!”. This should not happen if your computer and network
are clean and safe.

In general it occurs due to problem in browser because of lots of history and cookies.We can overcome this problem by just clearing up all cookies and history of your browser
For Chrome browser
-->Go to settings
-->select Under the Hood option
-->In privacy choose Clear browser data...
and clear all

For Internet Explorer
-->Goto settings
-->Select safety
-->choose Delete Browser History
OR simply Click Ctrl+Shift+Delete

For Mozilla Firefox is also smae as Internet explorer.

For Opera
--> Goto settings
-->Delete private Data

For Safari
--> Goto settings
-->select preferences
-->choose  Privacy option
-->Then Remove All Websites Data...

Thus you can browse without Getting "Welcome to this page" And Feel free to leave your comments below.


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