How to Disable/Remove your Facebook Timeline?

Facebook is simply the ruler of the social networking world and the reason is its awesome features with a user friendly interface. The concept of wall as a profile is highly appreciated by the users and Facebook is having more than 900 million users and half of them log in to their accounts almost daily. Facebook has came up with a brand new concept of facebook profile named as Timeline instead of wall. Timeline basically is a two columned interface having a big cover photo at the top.

Many users have found the new timeline interface annoying. The new timeline interface is complicated and very cluttered. Old Facebook interface was much simpler and cleaner compared to Timeline. When Facebook rolled out this new interface they didn't give users option to  choose between the interfaces. After searching all over the web we have finally found a solution to switch to old Facebook. All you have to do is install an extension in your browser. The name of extension is TimeLineRemove. The extension installs quickly and gives you easy, two-click access to disabling Facebook’s Timeline view.

Click here to download TimeLineRemove extension for  Google Chrome

Click here to download TimeLineRemove extension for  Mozilla Firefox

Click here to download TimeLineRemove extension for Internet Explorer

After installing the extension, you’ll see a button added to your browser’s toolbar. Click it, then toggle between enabling and disabling the Timeline view with the “Status: TimeLine Remove” link in the small window below the button. A green check-mark icon means the extension is disabling the Timeline view; a red X means the extension is not blocking Timeline. And if you want to hide the Timeline and keep it hidden, you can right-click on the button to hide it, leaving the extension running in the background.


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