How to know whether your LinkedIn password is hacked

So here’s how to check if your LinkedIn password was among the hacked accounts that are already being used to generate phishing attacks. Go to

Enter your password, and the website will tell you whether or not your password is now out in the wild. The obvious question: is it safe to give LastPass your password?

Here’s what the company says about their tool:

"Only the hash of your password will be sent to’s servers, not your actual password. This hash will not be stored or logged at all. Please view source the page if you’re technically inclined."

One caveat: because the search will look through all the passwords in the file, if you have a very common word or password, it will come up as compromised. For example, here’s what LastPass shows when the all-too-common password “password” is entered:

This does not mean your account is compromised, necessarily. It does mean your password is too common and should be changed. Ultimately, of course, we should all be smarter about passwords and use a tool like LastPass or 1Password to make sure we have complex and unique passwords for every single service and site we use.


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