steganography apps for mobile devices( which are freeee..)

Secrets can be embedded within photo and audio files by replacing the least essential code with bits of the hidden data. Developers have come up with a wealth of applications that can do this work from mobile devices and many of them are free..

Concealment: From Lakeside Llama this iOS app lets you take a picture and hide a secret message inside of the image (up to three hidden images). These images can then be stored in the in-app photo library, the device  photo library, iMessage (iOS 5) or be emailed directly to whomever one is sending the message to, the company says.


Hide It In: Hide It In is an app that hides an image taken with your iPhone camera into another seemingly innocuous image from your photo library that can be sent by email. Select the cover image and take a picture with your phone.  Developed by Jorge Blasco, Hide It In features among other things, AES encryption to ensure that even if the presence of a secret message is suspected, only password holders will be able to recover the hidden image .

Acoustic Picture Transmitter: According to developer Dominik Siebold, this app lets you transmit and receive images acoustically. To do this each column of the selected message gets transformed by a Fast Fourier Transform and outputted through iPhones speaker. On the receiving iOS-device the received audio is visualized by a spectrogram and the incoming images become visible. You can use this app for example to transmit images very easily over a phone or to put images in every kind of audio recording.

These are few but they are many more...there are the top 3 by user ratings...


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